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The Settlement Process in WA

Tips for moving house

Some useful tips if you are moving house.


If you are buying you must arrange insurance and have a cover notice provided to your financier before settlement of the property.

If you are selling, leave the insurance in place until after settlement has actually occurred and you have been advised that the settlement has gone through.

Essential Services

You will need to make arrangements to discontinue power, gas or telephone services to the property and you should make your own arrangements in that regard. Your settlement agent WILL notify the local council and the Water Corporation of the change of ownership and arrange for the water meter to be read.

Other Services & Utilities you may need to advise of your change of address

  • Post Office
  • Newspaper Delivery
  • Milk Delivery
  • Employer
  • Drivers License
  • Medicare
  • Dog Registration & License
  • Club and Association memberships (business, sporting, social, RAC)
  • School
  • Friends & Relatives
  • Doctors & Dentist
  • Subscriptions
  • St Johns Ambulance
  • Bank - Accounts, Credit Cards, Mortgage
  • Insurance (Life, car, household, boat)
  • Health Fund
  • Superannuation Fund
  • Electoral Office
  • Taxation Office
  • Pensions

Note: Your conveyancer will have notified The Water Board and Shires during settlement.